AKASAKA PARKS(赤坂パークス)港区赤坂・青山地区公園情報AKASAKA PARKS(赤坂パークス)港区赤坂・青山地区公園情報

ご利用案内User Guide

公園のルールPark Rules

  • 園内は禁煙です。
  • 犬の放し飼いは禁止です。入園させる際は必ずリード等につないでください。また、糞は持ち帰って下さい。
  • ごみは捨てずに持ち帰ってください。
  • バーベキューなど火の使用は禁止です。
  • 園内は自転車・バイクで乗り入れないで下さい。
  • 他の利用者や近隣に迷惑をかける行為はしないでください。
  • バットやボール遊びはしないでください。
  • 園内の植物は採取しないでください。
  • ハトなどの野鳥に餌を与えないでください。

  • Smoking is prohibited in the parks.
  • Dogs are not allowed to run free. Please keep your dog leashed while in the park. Also, please take any dog droppings back with you.
  • Please take any trash back with you; do not throw it away in the park.
  • Use of fire such as barbecues is prohibited.
  • Please do not ride bicycles or motorbikes in the park.
  • Please do not cause trouble for other park users or the neighborhood.
  • Please do not do batting practice or play with balls.
  • Please do not pick any of the plants in the park.
  • Please do not feed pigeons and other wild birds.


公園内で撮影をしたいのですが、手続きなどは必要ですか?Do I need permission to film in the park?


申請先 港区赤坂総合支所まちづくり課まちづくり係
TEL: 03-5413-7038


Filming for profit in the ward's parks requires permission.

Apply to the City Planning Section, City Planning Division, Akasaka Regional Office, Minato-ku.
Phone: 03-5413-7038

Please refer to the Minato city website below.

赤坂地区の公園でたばこは吸えますか?Is smoking allowed in Akasaka’s parks?

港区内の公園・児童遊園は、「みなとタバコルール」により 指定場所以外での喫煙は禁止なっております。赤坂地区では高橋是清公園にのみ喫煙場所がございます。


The Minato City Smoking Rules prohibit smoking in Minato city parks and children’s playgrounds except in designated areas. In the Akasaka district, only Takahashi Korekiyo Memorial Park has smoking areas.

For information on other smoking areas, please refer to the Minato city website below.

赤坂地区の公園にドッグランはありませんか?Are there any dog runs in Akasaka’s parks?



Unfortunately, there are no dog runs.

For more information on dog runs in the ward, please refer to the Minato city website below.

赤坂地区の公園に水遊びができる場所はありませんか?Are there any parks in Akasaka where people can play in the water?


The fountain in Aoyama Park is open to the public from mid-July to August.

公園設備が壊れています。(遊具が壊れています。電気が消えています。など)There is a problem with a piece of park equipment. (playground equipment is broken, the lights are out, etc.)


If you find any damage or problems with the park equipment, please contact the park’s appointed manager.

公園樹木の落葉が入ってきてしまいます。樹木が大きくて日陰になるので切ってください。Leaves from the park’s trees are falling on our property.
The trees are overgrown and blocking the sunlight, so please prune them.


The trees are maintained according to the species and growth conditions; maintenance is carried out as necessary about twice a year.
If branches are overhanging the boundary, an assigned manager will check the site and have the branches cut as necessary.
We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.