AKASAKA PARKS(赤坂パークス)港区赤坂・青山地区公園情報AKASAKA PARKS(赤坂パークス)港区赤坂・青山地区公園情報

氷川公園 Hikawa Park




This park near Tokyo Metro Akasaka Station is on artificial ground with underground parking. The fountain and rose garden in the center give it the feel of a Western garden. The park provides plenty of benches for resting. Stopping by at lunchtime will make you feel elegant and ready to face the afternoon’s work with a sense of calm.
The rose garden has many seasonal roses. Visitors can enjoy the colorful flowers throughout the year, but mid-May and mid-October are especially good times to visit. Please stop by to appreciate them.
The playground has swings and a slide for small children.

* The park’s history
In the early Edo period (1603–1867), the area around this park was home to the main and branch families of the Asano clan of the Hiroshima Domain, and the residence of Asano Uchi-no-Takumi-no-Kami of the Ako Domain was also located in this area. In 1908, Akasaka-ku acquired the estate. After that, Akasaka-ku opened the Tokyo City Hikawa Jinjo Elementary School on the site, but in 1929, a fire destroyed the school building, so it was moved to the site of the former Hikawa Elementary School. In 1935, the park opened on the elementary school site after the school moved.

  • 5月と10月にバラが見頃を迎えます

    5月と10月にバラが見頃を迎えます The roses are at their best in May and October.

  • 氷川公園の風景


  • 一年を通して花を楽しめます

    一年を通して花を楽しめます Flowers can be enjoyed year-round.




・Slide (for preschoolers)
・Spring rider toy
・Drinking fountain
・Wisteria pergola
・Vending machine(digital signage)



6-5-4, Akasaka, Minato-ku

公園情報Park information

お問合せ 高橋是清翁記念公園管理事務所
住所   港区赤坂七丁目3番39号
電話   03-6384-5113
FAX    03-6384-5116

Contact Takahashi Korekiyo-o Memorial Park Office
Address 7-3-39, Akasaka, Minato-ku
Phone  03-6384-5113
Fax  03-6384-5116