AKASAKA PARKS(赤坂パークス)港区赤坂・青山地区公園情報AKASAKA PARKS(赤坂パークス)港区赤坂・青山地区公園情報

一ツ木公園 Hitotsugi Park




The park is on a hill atop Sanpun-zaka Slope, one of the steepest slopes in Minato-ku. The large zelkova trees lining the slope shield you from the clamor at the bottom of the hill, creating a peaceful ambience that makes you forget you are in the heart of the city. On sunny days, office workers can be seen taking a break to refresh themselves. The park has various types of playground equipment for younger children. Large cherry trees at the park’s gate bloom in early spring, while wisteria pergolas are best from April to May.

The park area was the former estate of the Matsudaira clan of the Hiroshima Domain during the Edo period (1603–1868). According to legend, the hill leading up to the park has been known as a steep slope since olden times and was called Sanpun-zaka Slope because it cost three extra silver coins (Sanpun: 100 yen) to have a cart pushed up the hill.

  • 見頃をむかえた藤の花

    見頃をむかえた藤の花 The full bloom of wisteria

  • 一ツ木公園の風景





・Multipurpose play equipment
・Spring rider toy
・Slide (for preschoolers)
・Wisteria pergola
・Exercise bar
・Trash can
・Drinking fountain
・Emergency toilets



5-5-26, Akasaka, Minato-ku

公園情報Park information

お問合せ 高橋是清翁記念公園管理事務所
住所   港区赤坂七丁目3番39号
電話   03-6384-5113
FAX    03-6384-5116

Contact Takahashi Korekiyo-o Memorial Park Office
Address 7-3-39, Akasaka, Minato-ku
Phone  03-6384-5113
Fax   03-6384-5116